Boundary Disputes

What are boundary disputes?

Most boundary disputes start when a neighbor takes an overt action to add, change or modify property elements like building a structure, tearing down a fence, cutting a tree down or placing landscaping on what you believe is your property. Disputes can arise when a neighbor’s property is sold, new owners move in and want to build a large addition, which renders any “handshake” agreement invalid. Fences which were installed without a survey can be one of the potential encroachments on a property.

Why are boundary disputes important?

These “disagreements” may start out as a civil conversation but can quickly escalate to aggressive actions and litigation. Surveying the property between your property line and that of your neighbor will 1) identify your property line by setting durable markers at the corner 2) identify any encroachments. With the survey, you have the evidence to show your neighbor as well as a lawyer about an identified encroachment.

How can TKM Land Surveyors LP help?

TKM Land Surveyors LP can help you walk through the process, explain the findings and guide you through your options.

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