Building an Addition/New Construction

Whether you are demolishing an existing house and undertaking new construction, building an addition, or adding a guest house/in-law quarters, the first step is getting a survey done with TKM Land Surveyors LP.

Boundary Survey – It is critical to know where your property lines are at the onset of any building project. In certain situations, there could be a gross lot size and a net buildable area if the property lines start in the middle of the creek or in the middle of the street. If the City tells you that “setbacks’ are required, please be aware that a boundary survey must be done first so that TKM Land Surveyors LP can use this data to determine whether the foundation forms should be placed to meet City setback requirements.

Topographic Survey: Many cities as well as architects/designers/civil engineers require a topographic survey so that they have a “snapshot” of the property with all key elements (structures, hardscape areas, fences/walks, trees, and utilities to determine the best buildable area. It also shows spot elevations and contours which are used to determine 1) what impact the elevations have on buildable area 2) if a grading and drainage plan is required to avoid flooding on your property or your neighbor’s property. The grading and drainage plan would be done by a civil engineer and not TKM Land Surveyors LP.

Construction Services: Civil engineers and general contractors will often want one or more optional construction services from setting durable markers at the corners, to staking the property line as well as construction staking/layout. This helps the contractor to correctly position the foundation forms so that TKM Land Surveyors LP can issue the requisite City setback certification letter.

Elevation Certificates: Typically, if you are building an addition AND you currently have flood insurance on the main house, your insurance company will ask you for an elevation certificate done so that FEMA ensures that the new building area above the flood elevation.

City-Specific Certifications: Many cities are now requiring special certifications including daylight plane certifications, roof height certifications and finished floor certifications.

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