County Filings

There are several different types of County Filings that may be required in survey work when durable markers are placed at the corners. Typically, a boundary survey and a lot line survey would require a County Filing. When a combination of a boundary and a topographic survey are done for the purposes of new construction or building an addition, then the setting of corners is quoted as an option.

Corner Record

A corner record is a legal document filed with the County by a licensed land surveyor to document property corners. A corner record is an official map created on 8-1/2 in. x 11 in. card stock with one side containing the evidence that was used in the boundary resolution process. The other side of the paper is the map which shows basic property detail including the boundaries, and occasionally an encroachment such as a fence.

Record of Survey

A record of survey is an official map prepared on 18 in. x 26 in. mylar that is prepared by a licensed land surveyor, reviewed by the County Surveyors Office, and then submitted to the County Recorder’s Office for recordation. This survey delineates the deed described property lines. The surveyor will set monuments at each corner or offset, if obstructed, and 'tag' or put his identification on each pipe that is set in the ground.

During the research process, conditions may exist which trigger a record of survey. They include:

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