GPS Control Surveys

What is a GPS Control Survey?

GPS control surveys establish a common, consistent network of physical points that are the basis for controlling the horizontal and vertical positions of highway projects, airports, tunnels, and many other high precision projects. GPS control surveys provide accurate horizontal and vertical control for all subsequent project surveys including photogrammetric and LiDAR mapping, topography, terrain, and utility mapping, land & property surveys, construction layout, and right of way surveys.

Why is a GPS Control Survey Important?

Although most engineering related surveys seem to be made on a plane, they are typically performed on the curved surface of the Earth. To ensure continuity and congruity of statewide projects, it is necessary to register the survey points to a mathematical representation of the topography (actual surface of the earth). Many towns and cities are using GPS Controls survey as a common method of mapping.

How can TKM Land Surveyors LP Help?

TKM Land Surveyors LP leverage the latest in GPS, robotics, scanning and mapping technology to improve the accuracy and speed of our services, while lowering costs for our clients. Integrated Global Positioning Systems (GPS) hardware and software processes huge amounts of data which is transmitted between multiple systems. When appropriate, aerial surveying partner companies are used for large area surveys. Mapping software is used to quickly implement changes and update data. All information generated by our GPS systems and mapping software can be delivered in a variety of GIS and CAD formats so that surveys that are easily inserted into their drawings with little or no modifications to the drawing. These surveys must be documented by a Record of Survey, a special type of County filing

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