Legal Descriptions

What is a Legal Description? 

A legal description will appear in such documents as sale contracts, deeds, or any agreements relating to the property. A legal description is written information containing the geographical description of the real estate property describing a specific piece of land which may be used for defining property ownership or the location of an easement. Some legal descriptions contain a few sentences while others are more complicated. When preparing a deed, it is important to use the correct legal description. In most situations, the best practice is to use the legal description from the most recent deed to the property

The legal description may be described in the body of a deed or many be contained in an Exhibit which is attached to the deed.

Why are legal descriptions important?

 Legal descriptions are important for the following reasons:

How can TKM Land Surveyors LP help?

TKM Land Surveyors LP has the experience and knowledge to conduct a thorough investigation of all available evidence that allows them to effectively write legal descriptions. Researching County records is a critical step in the process. TKM Land Surveyors LP is ready to assist you in preparing legal descriptions for leases, easements, deeds and other documents that affect your real estate closing or land planning requirements. When surveys are conducted by two different land surveyors, and “things don’t fit,” there are times when the variance is due to the fact that the latest legal description was not used by the Title Company.

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