Lot Line Adjustments

What is a Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)?

A Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) is a realignment of boundary lines between two to four existing legal parcels based on an agreement between the owners of the two parcels. Each City will have requirements that governs the process of an Lot Line Adjustment. In some case, there are restrictions as to how the land is split as well as the minimum size of a property. Many properties have been informally subdivided without going through the specific methodology required by the County. This "informal" process can present legal problems especially if the land is sold.

Why is it Important?

Many neighbors have informal agreements about where the property lines are located between their properties. Another option is for one neighbor to issue the other neighbor a "right to use" letter which authorizes the use" a specified part of their property until one of the neighbors dies or the property is sold. Sometimes, the terms of the right to use letter stipulates that the this document can be rescinded at any time.

The Lot Line Adjustment gives both homeowners legally defensible documentation with respect to the newly defined property lines. The property owner who "acquires" additional land may also be required to pay fair market value for the land that is acquired or, alternatively, a mutually agreed upon price. Some property owners may desire to straighten out a “jog” in the property line or may wish to exchange acreage so that both lots are more useful in shape and/or size to the respective owners.

 Lot line adjustments (LLA) are sometimes needed when an addition or remodel requires more room to meet the required setbacks.

How can TKM Land Surveyors Help?

TKM Land Surveyors LP has performed numerous lot line adjustments in the Bay Area. One of first, critical steps is to see if the lots have been properly subdivided vs an informal sub-division that was not documented and approved. Typically, a survey is done for both properties involved in the Lot Line Adjustment process. After a tentative approval by the City, then the next step is to draft two new surveys showing the new property lines. The last step is to prepare the new legal descriptions for both properties. If the two parties are not in agreement with the realignment of the property lines, TKM Land Surveyors LP can act as a mediator to define the new lines.

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