Resolving Boundary Disputes 

A land survey is not required to purchase property in California. This can result in boundary disputes and encroachments. Many owners believe that a fence marks the end of their property. About 30% of the time TKM Land Surveyors LP finds that the distance from the fence to the property lines can range from 2 inches to 4 feet depending on the size of the property.

Boundary disputes generally arise when a neighbor takes aggressive actions like pulling down a fence, cutting down trees/landscaping or building structures or hardscape on what you believe to be your property. In many cases, these disputes arise when new construction or additions occur involving new neighbors.

The best way to resolve a boundary dispute is to contact TKM Land Surveyors LP:

Managing encroachments is critical to protecting your property. Continuous use of a portion of your property by a neighbor can result in a case of prescriptive easement which grants your neighbor the right to use this land. In other situations, lawyers may purse cases of adverse possession which grants ownership of the land in question on your property to your neighbor.

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