Right of Way (ROW) Surveys

What is a Right of Way Survey?

A right-of-way easement is an example of property rights that can allow others the use of your property. A right of way (ROW) survey allows anyone to pass through a portion of your land that may be considered public. A right-of-way survey would include the establishment of all boundary lines and road crossings by the line along its route. A right-of-way survey is a boundary survey depicting the limits of private ownership and that of the entity/agency that has the interest or jurisdiction of the subject property. To remove them from your deed, both parties need to agree.  A right of way easement is documented in a property owner's Title Report.

Why is a Right of Way Important?

A right-of-way easement documented as part of the boundary survey process can affect your property values. Future buyers may not like the idea that there is an easement on the property as you cannot, generally speaking, build on a easement.

How Can TKM Land Surveyors LP Help You?

TKM Land Surveyors LP conducts in-depth research to identify evidence of rights of way easements. he description of the easement is typically found in the Title Report. TKM Land Surveyors LP takes that description from the Title Report and documents the easement on the boundary survey. TKM Land Surveyors consults with clients if there is a dispute about an easement or if they would like to understand if an easement can be removed due to lack of use. 

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