TKM Land Surveyors LP offers land measurements services for clients building additionsnew constructioninstalling fencesresolving boundary disputes and lot line adjustments

Residential Services

TKM Land Surveyors LP offers a wide range of survey services to engineers, architects, financial companies, and homeowners in the South Bay, the Peninsula and select cities in the East Bay. Frequently requested services include boundary surveys, topographic surveys, lot line surveys, construction staking or some combination thereof. Helping property owners understand and protect their boundaries is our mission. Projects are generally priced competitively based on a thorough needs analysis, extensive research at the time of proposal presentation, as well as familiarity with may Bay area cities.

Commercial Services

In addition to residential services, TKM Land Surveyors LP professionals have successfully provided services for many commercial accounts either directly or through prime contractors, and general contractors. Services range from an ALTA survey for the sale of commercial property or a boundary and topographic survey to determine property lines, encroachments and areas for expansion. While under non-disclosure with many of the commercial companies, projects have ranged from storage facilities, car dealerships, casinos, government facilities and small businesses.

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